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Volume 17, No. 2: Education and Training for 21st Century PublishersCurrent Issue

A note from our editor.

With this issue, we've integrated so our readers can make inline annotations and comments on all JEP articles.

Training and maintaining a skilled workforce requires a commitment to flexibility and an openness to the changing nature of publishing.

Everything about the business of publishing is changing. To properly navigate these changes, we must adapt and develop a new toolset.

In an industry that is so heavily learned on the job, how much good could something a professor tells you in a classroom do? You’d be surprised.

In times of transition and disruption in publishing, the university can play an important role of renewal.

Library school as a long-term alternative to pricey seminars.

Library-as-Publisher: Capacity Building for the Library Publishing Subfield

Katherine Skinner, Sarah Lippincott, Julie Speer, and Tyler Walters

Interviews with leaders reveals key areas for training library publishers.

Reflections and thoughts on the first year of the CUNY Publishing Institute's hands-on approach to publishing education.

An in-depth review of Brad Stone's definitive story of with a special focus on publishing.

Notes on Michael Bhaskar's ambitious "theory of publishing".

A closer look at a valuable resource for those new to journal publishing.