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Volume 18, No. 2: New Forms of ExpressionCurrent Issue

The potential for how we convey the stories that we want to tell and the information that we want to share, for reasons both personal and professional, proliferate as rapidly as the digital technologies which are so prevalent in our lives. We are in early days of deploying the media and methods we understand, and new ones arise frequently. Our expressive repertoire only continue to grow. In this issue we have collected practitioners and thinkers who think widely and well about the effective use of these emerging forms of expression. We hope these articles will inspire you to do the same.

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A report on the development of software to digitally publish papers linked to referenced 2D and 3D image datasets.

A view of changing methods for critical expression.

A detailed and concrete inventory of the digital tools that can and should be deployed in books.

Back to the Future

Bob Stein

Thinking about how online life changes not just how we communicate with texts, but how we communicate about texts.