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Volume 17, No. 3: Metrics for Measuring Publishing Value: Alternative and OtherwiseCurrent Issue

A note from our editor.

The Imperative for Open Altmetrics

Stacy Konkiel, Heather Piwowar, and Jason Priem

A report from the group leading the way in altmetrics collection and reporting.

A rubric for informing publishing model choices.

A critique of the way in which would-be professionals are prepared for the market.

Peer Review Personas

Nina Belojevic, Jentery Sayers, and the INKE and MVP Research Teams

A group of scholars write about developing tools to support new forms of peer review.

Advocating for a book review equivalent for digital scholarship.

Computational Impact Assessment of Social Justice Documentaries

Jana Diesner, Jinseok Kim, and Susie Pak

Building a model for evaluating the impact of social documentaries in film.