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Volume 18, No. 3: On AccessCurrent Issue – Summer 2015

When one of my erstwhile JEP advisors suggested a special issue of JEP on open access, the topic made perfect sense to me. It was, after all, the topic of the moment in so many professional conversations. But I also found myself returning to wrinkling my brow and asking "isn’t access about more than who pays and how the money flows?" And so I decided to turn that question to our community and put out a call for submissions on all aspects of information access. I was rewarded by learning that the community had quite a bit to say about access; the response was the best JEP has ever received to a call for submissions, and out numbered the nine articles and one review that we have published here.

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A balanced overview of the history of public access initiatives.

Is open access alone sufficient enough to enhance knowledge and increase the dissemination of information?

A discourse analysis of the rhetoric and conversation of Library Publishing.

Strategies used by HathiTrust to ensure that users with print disabilities can access digital materials.

Metadata as the lifeblood of publishing in the digital age.

Three proposals for providing immediate open access.

Investigating the prevalence of donations as a funding source for open access journals.

Advocating for quality control measures to help researchers choose reputable journals.

An incubator project to address the sustainability of gold open access journals.

Reflections on an inspiring and practical guide to open access.