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Volume 18, No. 4: 20th AnniversaryCurrent Issue – Fall 2015

Anniversaries inevitably lead to introspection and retrospection. As it dawned upon the editorial and production team here at the Journal of Electronic Publishing (JEP) that our journal was twenty years old, I was cast back to my own first encounters with JEP, circa 1996, when it was already a mature publication of one year. I was a just entering the field of librarianship, in the School of Library and Information Science, now School of Information, at the University of Michigan and encountering the World Wide Web in its earliest days. As my wheels began to turn about what forms of publication might be possible through that Web, a colleague at the library pointed out that our adventurous university press had put a journal on line that was all about electronic publishing. That, I thought, was pretty cool.

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A leader in book publishing standards shares her view of publishing's changes and its future.

Revisiting ideas from the past points to challenges met and ones that still confront us.

Richard Nash encourages publishers to help readers find books by promoting maps, not filters.

Editorial Workflows for Multimedia-Rich Scholarship

Cheryl E. Ball and Douglas Eyman

New genres of publishing require new ideas for editorial workflows.

Valuable insights from a number of perspectives on shifting to new publishing models for the humanities.

Reflections on a former Elsevier CEO's history of scholarship.