Call For Papers: New Forms of Expression and On Access

JEP seeks contributions for two new thematic issues: New Forms of Expression and On Access. Final drafts are due September 2014 (publication December 2014) and January 2015 (publication Feb/March 2015).

For more information about each thematic issue and how to submit, please see the full CFP.

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The Journal of Electronic Publishing (JEP) is a forum for research and discussion about contemporary publishing practices, and the impact of those practices upon users. Our contributors and readers are publishers, scholars, librarians, journalists, students, technologists, attorneys, and others with an interest in the methods and means of contemporary publishing. At its inception in January 1995, JEP carved out an important niche by recognizing that print communication was in the throes of significant change, and that digital communication would become an important—and in some cases predominant—means for transmitting published information.

JEP aspires to document changes in publishing, and in some cases to stimulate and shape the direction of those changes. The articles present innovative ideas, best practices, and leading-edge thinking about all aspects of publishing, authorship, and readership. The editor and publisher are committed to presenting wide-ranging and diverse viewpoints on contemporary publishing practices, and to encouraging dialogue and understanding between key decision-makers in publishing and those who are affected by the decisions being made.

Editorial direction of JEP is the responsibility of the editor Maria Bonn, Senior Lecturer at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois and former head of Michigan Publishing.