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Volume 21, No. 1


An Editorial Farewell

Maria Bonn


JEP's Editor bids the journal a fond farewell and looks toward the future.

A study of research articles about the open access (OA) movement, and how many of them are published non-OA, in paywalled journals.

A JSTOR Labs Report, June 2017.

Greater transparency can lead to getting to reasonable BPCs with less acrimony than has been the case with journal APCs.

Volume 20, No. 1


By supporting self-publishing initiatives in their communities, public libraries can promote standards of quality in self-publishing.

An assessment of the likelihood of classroom e-book adoption by faculty and learners.

A study to illuminate the differentials in book pricing by format, which can appear arbitrary and unpredictable.

An argument for improving the quality of published research by making peer review a priority for universities.

Careful considerations on how we measure and prove the value of research.

A review of thirteen projects in the monograph ecosystem funded by the Mellon Foundation.

Editor's Note [20.1]

Maria Bonn

April 2017

A note from our editor as JEP transitions to a rolling issue format.