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IFLA 2016 Satellite Meeting Proceedings
Libraries as Publishers: Building a Global Community

Volume 20, No. 2

Summer 2017

Understanding the Vision

This session focused on patterns internationally in the growth of library publishing, with speakers asked to reflect on broader patterns in their regions as well as presenting illustrative case studies. The focus was on understanding common themes and motivations behind why libraries are becoming more and more engaged with publishing, exploring these issues through a uniquely diverse global lens appropriate to an IFLA satellite meeting.

Library as Publisher: From an African Lens

Reggie Raju and Jeremiah Pietersen

Implementing the Vision

This session illustrated the range of different types of libraries in which publishing activities are flourishing, and the different institutional contexts that library publishers are working in. Given their different origins, can we talk about these library publishers as representing a coherent group? Or are their ambitions and programs shaped by entirely local considerations?

Small Public Libraries as Publishers

Dijana Sabolović-Krajina

Sustaining the Vision

As library publishing matures, issues around how to financially sustain and expand programs are coming to the fore. As well as exploring new business opportunities on their own campuses, libraries are collaborating to build larger cooperative organizations to better serve the needs of scholars and students across institutions.

Volume 20, No. 1


By supporting self-publishing initiatives in their communities, public libraries can promote standards of quality in self-publishing.

An assessment of the likelihood of classroom e-book adoption by faculty and learners.

A study to illuminate the differentials in book pricing by format, which can appear arbitrary and unpredictable.

An argument for improving the quality of published research by making peer review a priority for universities.

Careful considerations on how we measure and prove the value of research.

A review of thirteen projects in the monograph ecosystem funded by the Mellon Foundation.

Editor's Note [20.1]

Maria Bonn

April 2017

A note from our editor as JEP transitions to a rolling issue format.