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Volume 21, No. 1


Review of The Business of Being a Writer (Jane Friedman), which presents a twenty-first century guide to the publishing industry, aimed at those who are beginning a career in writing.

Review of Behind the Book: Eleven Authors on Their Path to Publication (Chris Mackenzie Jones), featuring interviews of eleven first-time trade authors, using their stories to provide advice for aspiring writers.

Details the lessons learned by the University of Lethbridge’s Graduate Students Association while establishing a multidisciplinary, institution-focused graduate journal.

The Secret

Kai A. Olsen and Alessio Malizia


An argument against NPM told as a fictitious story.

Review of What Editors Do: The Art, Craft, and Business of Book Editing (Peter Ginna, ed.), a collection of essays offering stories of editing from various perspectives.

Review of The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th Edition, which includes an online counterpart with additional electronic resources.

How does one publish and preserve a piece of complex multimedia work in a way that balances competing archival, scholarly, and creative needs?

An Editorial Farewell

Maria Bonn


JEP's Editor bids the journal a fond farewell and looks toward the future.

A study of research articles about the open access (OA) movement, and how many of them are published non-OA, in paywalled journals.

A JSTOR Labs Report, June 2017.

Greater transparency can lead to getting to reasonable BPCs with less acrimony than has been the case with journal APCs.

Volume 20, No. 1


By supporting self-publishing initiatives in their communities, public libraries can promote standards of quality in self-publishing.

An assessment of the likelihood of classroom e-book adoption by faculty and learners.

A study to illuminate the differentials in book pricing by format, which can appear arbitrary and unpredictable.

An argument for improving the quality of published research by making peer review a priority for universities.

Careful considerations on how we measure and prove the value of research.

A review of thirteen projects in the monograph ecosystem funded by the Mellon Foundation.

Editor's Note [20.1]

Maria Bonn

April 2017

A note from our editor as JEP transitions to a rolling issue format.