Call For Papers

JEP Seeks Contributions For Two New Thematic Issues: New Forms of Expression and On Access

Final drafts due September 2014 and January 2015; send article ideas and indications of interest to Maria Bonn, Editor (mbonn@illinois.edu)

New Forms of Expression

Final drafts due September 2014; Publication anticipated December 2014

Since the widespread market and consumer adoption of computers as communication devices both publishers and readers have speculated that the nature of expression will change in order to take advantage of the affordances and potential of digital delivery and online availability. In this issue, JEP seeks to report on and assess the changes in creative and scholarly expression made possible by and in response to digital technology. We seek consideration of changes in narrative, story-telling, argumentation and authoring of all kinds. We hope to hear from and represent the perspectives of authors, readers and publishers, and expect to hear both celebration of emerging communicative possibilities and concerns about new digital forms.

Publication for this special issue is anticipated for December 2014 as Vol. 17 Issue 4, Fall 2014. Final drafts will be due September 2014.

On Access

Final drafts due January 2015; Publication anticipated Feb/March 2015

Access (as Merriam-Webster would have it, “freedom or ability to obtain or make use of something”) has long been a central concern for libraries, that work to ensure the greatest availability of information for the greatest number at the least possible cost. Increasingly, access is also part of the lingua franca of that allied information profession, probably most audibly around the topic of open access, or removing economic barriers to access, but also around issues of technology, equal access for users with disabilities and addressing financial disparities such as the economic status of impoverished and developing nations. JEP invites explorations and discussions of access on all these fronts. We seek articles from practitioners concerned with questions of access as well as from users whose work has been affected by access barriers or their removal.

Publication of this special issue is anticipated for Feb/March 2015 as Vol. 18 Issue 1, Winter 2015. Final drafts will be due January 2015.

Exact timing of each issue will depend upon editorial acquisition and response to this call. Please send article ideas and indications of interest to the editor, Maria Bonn (mbonn@illinois.edu). More information about the journal and the submission process can be found at: http://www.journalofelectronicpublishing.org/submit.html.

JEP articles are peer-reviewed at the request of the author, and peer-reviewed articles are identified as such in both the article and in the preservation metadata. Editorial decisions are otherwise made by the editor in consultation with the editorial board. If you yourself are not prepared to write on these topics but you know of others who should be invited to contribute, please send suggestions to the editor, as above.